Miss étudiante

Miss student world march 2014

Miiiiia, the new Miss student World March has been selected for the final of the month of December 2014.


Cool I am delighted to be selected for the final of the contest of Miss student world, I didn't think that I would have so many votes! That is why I thank you all supported me and voted for me, many thanks to my family, my friends, users to be there. You're stuck with me until the late hour of the results!

I am proud to see all the steps I could do from forums, social sites etc have been awarded, they helped me to get this wonderful place :), however this was not won!

But I was always told that if we wanted to pass something in our lives, should believe and do everything so that our dream is fulfilled!
This is what I did then this is the result. I got it, I'm finalist in the competition, and then hoping that this victory takes me in the first place be "Miss student World 2014". It would be a sacred victory then a good year after the birth of my daughter :)!
Thank you all for being there for me thank you and thank you for your confidence.Cool


Next vote to select Miss student world april 2014 as of april 10,... to your clicks.

Miss student world february 2014

Ashue, the new Miss student world february has been selected for the final of the month of december 2014.


Cool First of all, I want to thank all users who voted for me and who therefore gave me their trust in me seeing a potential person to be Miss.
I thank also all my friends who have supported me, stepped and which for some are stayed awake with me until the fateful hour of the daily ranking results.
Participate in Miss student world to become Miss February in a first time, kept me really at heart because this was for me a challenge that I was putting fixed. And every challenge that I start, I put every effort to pass it. Of course, now it will be the final in December to know if I will be able to meet the challenge in its entirety.
But before thinking of this last election, I must nonetheless confess that all this week's vote has been a very stressful and very rewarding experience.
Rewarding in the sense where you learn a lot about yourself, in your determination, your friends (es) that you support and support you. And believe me, on the emotional chapter every day passing, each ranking that you discover and especially now where you will discover whether or not you have mounted, down or if you the place you wanted to see climb, barometer of anxiety is highest! My motto is, never give up and to fight whatever happens. Cool


Next vote to select Miss student world march 2014 as early as March 15,... to your clicks.

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Become rich and famous!

The Miss student world 2014 contest, it is the opportunity to become rich and famous!

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Happy new year 2014

All Miss student team wishes you a wonderful year 2014!

Take advantage of the opening of the first worldwide beauty contest for students:

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Merry Christmas !

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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25th december 2013

The 2013 election results

We thank all finalists for their active participation and users for the numerous registered votes.

We therefore celebrate the new Miss student France with its two dauphines...

See the results.

15th december 2013

Studyrama and Miss student France

Studyrama is positioned as a media group specialising in orientation, student life and career success of individuals, through four channels of information: the lounges, Internet, publishing and the press.

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9th december 2013

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27th november 2013

Vanessa Miss student France 2012

Vanessa is the new Queen of beauty of the students of France.

Elected in the November 17 final in Paris at the hotel Pavillon Opéra*, guests and the public were able to vote for the new representative of the students of France.

More than 12,000 votes have been recorded.

Its dauphines are LaMiss027 and Malou.

Vanessa won a luxurious trip to Mauritius for two people.

We commend the Ten finalists for their participation and the quality of the show that they offered. They were able to seduce you and be selected among more than 700 candidates registered in the competition this year.

We thank the guests for coming so many and you, our audience, for your votes.

The video of the evening will soon be available on the site and on Youtube.

From 1e December 2012, all students of France will be able to register for the 2013 edition.

Final Miss student France 2012

It was in Paris that will take place the presentation of the Crown of Miss student France 2012.

You can vote via SMS for your candidate favorite until Saturday at midnight: see the finalists.

Venue Sunday, November 18, 2012 for the new Miss France student representing the 2.32 million students a year!

Saturday 17th november 2012