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Miss étudiante

Contest rules

Miss student World 2014

The « Miss student » competition is open to all women who wish by completing for free the registration form and accepting without reserve this regulation.

Article 1er : Registration.

Registration is free.
You must be a young woman aged between 18 and 26 years old at the time of your registration and the election.
You must be able to provide the necessary supporting documents to prove your identity (identity card or passport).

Article 2: Confidentiality.

The information provided on the site when you register to the contest will remain confidential with the exception of: your nickname, your age, your studies, your descriptive text and photos that you entrust to us.
This information will be visible on the site after verification of your registration.

Article 3: Right to the image.

You certify that you have the right to use and disseminate the photos you give us on the site.
These photos must contain neither brand nor third party advertising. You must be alone on your photos. If these rules are not respected, the photos might be modified (blurring, cropping, etc.) or rejected.
You agree that the organizer of « Miss student » use your photos for purposes of communication and promotion for the contest in any medium whatsoever.
You agree to fixing your image, your voice and images of your property on magnetic or digital media. You authorize the organizer of the contest « Miss student » to use these photographs and recordings as part of its audiovisual and multimedia productions, intended for dissemination in any medium whatsoever.
You acknowledge, be related to no exclusive contract on the use of your image or your name or nickname used for this competition.

Article 4: Votes.

These are people who will vote for you every month during the periods laid down for this purpose.
You have the right to use all means you want to promote your candidacy and encourage them to vote for you.

Each month, at the end of the votes, the candidates obtaining the best results will be selected to participate in the final vote involving the 12 finalists of the year.

Article 5: Accumulation of holdings.

You can freely participate in the monthly votes, whether or not you have already won, this will multiply your chances to win the final.

Article 6: Remuneration.

By registering and participating in the contest « Miss student », you do not expect to obtain financial compensation.